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Testing Equipment

    1. Pavement Testing Equipment
      GYHF1225A pavement testing equipment (patent number: ZL.02114424.9) uses the vertical loop road surface. The hydraulic pressure drives loaded wheel to rotate and adjusts the pressure. The friction between the loaded wheel and vertical loop road surface drives the entire loop to rotate.
    1. Water Sensitivity Testing Machine
      Operating speed: 20rpm
      Maximum number of running: 9999 × 100 r
      Maximum number of test pieces: 8 pieces
      Power supply voltage: AC220V
    1. Asphalt Ductility Testing Machine
      Tensile length: 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0m
      Force range: 0 ~ 300 N × 3
      Force accuracy: 0.1 ℅FS
      Temperature-controlled range: 3 ~ 50 ℃ adjustable

Gaoyuan company is a reliable road testing equipment manufacturer, mainly focus on manufacturing road building equipment, asphalt treatment equipment and asphalt pavement inspection equipment. Gaoyuan is a trustworthy road construction and maintenance equipment maker in China.