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Rescue Vehicle

    1. Water Purification Truck
      The equipment prepares drinking water from a variety of water sources. The prepared water meets the hygienic standard for domestic drinking water (GB5749-2006). Water purification truck is not influenced by poor water quality, and it has high purification efficiency, low purification cost.
    1. Shower Truck
      Chassis model: DFL1140B2
      Wheelbase: 4500mm
      Equipment quality: 9200kg
      Gross mass: 14495kg
    1. Food Truck
      Chassis model: Isuzu NKR77LLWCJAY
      Fuel type: diesel
      Dining capacity: 300 diners
      Equipment quality: 3922kg
    1. Laundry Truck
      Chassis model: Dongfeng Tianjin DFL1120B
      Wheelbase: 3800mm
      Engine: ISDe18040
      Gross mass: 12495kg
    1. Refrigerator Truck
      Chassis model: DFL5160XXYBX1
      Equipment quality: 7805kg
      Gross mass: 16000kg
    1. Camping Vehicle
      Chassis model: Dongfeng Tianjin DFL1160B
      Wheelbase: 5000mm
      Engine: Cummins engine B190
      Gross mass: 16000kg
    1. Heavy Rescue Vehicle
      Equipment category: 7 categories of 80 types
      Chassis model: ND2162E48J
      Equipment quality: 7200kg
      Gross mass: 16000kg

Gaoyuan company is a reliable rescue vehicle manufacturer, together with road building equipment, Gaoyuan mainly focus on manufacturing equipment for asphalt production, asphalt pavement treatment and road construction materials inspection. Gaoyuan is a trustworthy road building equipment maker, also offering equipment for emergency rescue and emergency medical services.