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Refrigerator Truck

 Refrigerator Truck

Furnished with domestic good car chassis and imported refrigeration unit, refrigerator truck features in beautiful appearance, good insulation and sealing performance, light weight, long service life and other characteristics. The equipment has the same key performance indicators with similar domestic products.

Refrigeration truck is a special vehicle used to ensure the required temperature of the transported goods in the cold chain of goods. It is also essential equipment for cold storage and transportation of goods. Refrigerator truck preserves and transports meat, seafood, eggs, fruits, vegetables, cold drinks, frozen food, medicine, chemicals and other goods. It is suitable for transportation department of epidemic prevention station, market, supermarket, food company, cold drink company, logistics company, scientific research unit and other industries.

Technical parameters
Chassis model: DFL5160XXYBX1
Equipment quality: 7805kg
Gross mass: 16000kg
Wheelbase: 5600mm
Maximum speed: 90kg / h
Dimensions: 9990 × 2530 × 3870mm
Truck carriage size: 7410 × 2310 × 2310mm

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