Laundry Truck

 Laundry Truck

Laundry truck is modified on the basis of Dongfeng Tianjin car chassis. With washing, drying and other functions, laundry truck washes cotton fabric and wool clothing. Only 3 people are needed to operate the equipment. The needed time of unfolding and folding the truck does not exceed 30 minutes. As the first domestic emergency rescue washing machine, Laundry truck features in flexibility and high utilization of equipment. It usually provides mobile support for troops of field training and offers fixed-point service to troops in the camp at peacetime. At wartime laundry truck provides the combat troop with logistic support, and it is of great significane to accelerate the modernization of military logistics equipment. Laundry truck can also be used as emergency rescue and other field service equipment.

Laundry truck is used to clean a variety of fabric clothing and bedding. It has the following characteristics.

1. Light weight, large washing capacity and prior washing procedures.
2. Washing machine has a adaptable floating structure. It has low noise and large volume ratio.
3. Dryer uses hot air recycling technology, so that 67-70% of hot air is reused. The anti-winding and anti-wrinkle technology ensures good drying effect.
4. Synchronization of washing and drying saves energy.
5. High reliability and long service life.

Technical parameters
Chassis model: Dongfeng Tianjin DFL1120B
Wheelbase: 3800mm
Engine: ISDe18040
Gross mass: 12495kg
Folded vehicle size: 7380 × 2420 × 3550mm
Unfolded vehicle size: 7380 × 4620 × 3550mm
Outer carriage dimensions: 5000 × 2360 × 2200mm
Power unit rated power: 16kW
Laundry capacity: 40kg / h
Drying capacity: 40kg / h
Working environment temperature: -15 ~ +45 ℃
Wind resistance: The equipment operates in force 6 wind (wind speed 13.8 m / s).

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