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Water Purification Truck

 Water Purification Truck

As multi-functional combined mobile water treatment equipment, water purification truck is applicable to purify surface water in special cases (such as natural disasters, sudden water pollution incidents). The equipment prepares drinking water from a variety of water sources. The prepared water meets the hygienic standard for domestic drinking water (GB5749-2006). Water purification truck is not influenced by poor water quality, and it has high purification efficiency, low purification cost. The equipment operates stable and is simple to maintain.

Water purification truck is mainly composed of traction chassis, generator system, water intake grille, water intake pump, dosing system, flocculation-filtration system, intermediate water tank, activated carbon adsorption system, fiber adsorption system, ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system electrical control system, purified water output device and other components. With a compact structure, the equipment is simple and convenient to operate.

1. Equipment-owned generator system.
2. Off-the-grid water filter system at the water intake point removes large-particle suspended solids. Purification efficiency is greatly improved.
3. Advanced and scientific water treatment, high water purification efficiency, low operating costs.
4. Suitable for dealing with a wide range of polluted water.
5. For highly contaminated water source, the equipment's system effectively deals with heavy metal ions and organic pollutants.
6. In the condition of extreme water sources, reverse osmosis system is optional to ensure the safety of drinking water.
7. Convenient and fast purified water output device.

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