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GYCBL200 Asphalt Recycling Equipment

 GYCBL200 Asphalt Recycling Equipment

Asphalt recycling technology is used to repave the roads. After the asphalt recycling, old bituminous mixture could be processed to qualified ones and be used to repave the road. At present, all countries in the world actively carry out the research and application of asphalt recycling.

Gaoyuan is one of the most important pavement maintenance equipment manufacturers in China. Based on the current situation of highway traffic in our country, Gaoyuan takes saving the natural resources and protecting the environment as our own responsibility, and has been made a great deal of research work on the technology of asphalt recycling equipment.

Now, Gaoyuan has designed and developed GYCBL200 asphalt recycling equipment, which enjoys a high technological performance and a reliable operation. Accurate measuring system is adopted in the machine, which could guarantee an expected performance of mixtures produced by the machine. Therefore, GYCBL200 asphalt recycling equipment is the ideal equipment for the maintenance of pavement and the renovation of the roadbed.

Technical parameters
Product model: GYCBL200
Equipment productivity: 200t/h
Storage hopper volume: 2×6m³
Maximum size of stirring: 45mm
Measuring accuracy for aggregates: ≤0.5%
Measuring accuracy of powder: ≤0.3%
Measuring accuracy for water: ≤0.3%
Measuring accuracy for emulsified asphalt: ≤0.3%
Hydraulic drive power: 110kw
Total installed capacity: 145kw
Feeding height: 2.9m
Discharging height: 3.3m
Dimension: 9500×2500×2800mm (traveling mode)
15800×2500×3700mm (operative mode)

Main features
1. Reliable, safe and constant power distribution:

Electro-hydraulic controlling is adopted in the machine. Automatic work cycle and automatic overload protection are also installed in the machine. At the same output power, the hydraulic transmission device is small-sized, and has small inertia and smooth movement. The total installed capacity is 145 Kw, and the generating units or construction site power could be freely chosen by the customers. Meanwhile, soft starter technology is adopted in the main engine, which enjoys a smooth start and stop, a safe and reliable operation, and a constant power distribution.

2. Efficient storage hopper design
There are two storage hoppers in the machine, and their feeding height and width are quite reasonable, which greatly reduce the labor intensity in feeding process. Both the new and old aggregate bins are respectively provided with a vibrator, which ensures smooth feeding. Square mesh sieve is also equipped in the machine. Two vibrators are used to guarantee the quality and the quantity of the shielding. Hydraulic control enables the lifting and rotation of the mesh sieve, which improves the productivity.

3. Both ultra-high productivity and high stirring accuracy
Many stirring technologies are adopted to ensure large stirring force, high stirring efficiency, even mixing, and other features. And its stirring capability could arrive to 250T/h. The revolving speed could be automatically controlled or manually controlled in the control panel. Aggregates are transferred in a wide and flat belt, whose maximum conveying capability could arrive to 200T/h. The additive amount of aggregate is automatically weighed in the blending process. And the practical instantaneous flow rate and accumulated amount will be displayed in the control panel. Besides that, the expected additive amount could be input on the control panel, and the measuring accuracy is no more than 0.5%.

4. Accurate measuring system
The practical instantaneous flow rate and the accumulated amount of emulsified asphalt, cement, water and other materials will all be measured. And the expected additive amount could also be input for an automatic bleeding according to the requirements. Emulsified asphalt spray nozzles are arranged successively on the same support plate for spraying. The spraying angle could be adjusted, and the high-accuracy spray nozzle could ensure a moisture and uniformity of the spraying. Water flow system adopts a special water injection technology, which has inclination angle similar to the water curtain. And the water pump motor is controlled by frequency control.

5. Centralized control room
Color liquid crystal display (LCD) touch screen is adopted in the control room, and the feedback and control will be delivered online. The main technical and operation parameters are displayed in the screen, and the proportion parameters could be input on the screen according to different constructions, then the ratio will be set automatically. In this way, the intelligent control could be achieved.

6. Frame-structure provides transportation convenience
The machine is adopted with frame-structure, which provides convenience for transportation. Meanwhile, the design could ensure a fast and efficient installment when travelling between construction sites are necessary, and it also meets demanding requirements towards the construction sites. Adopting the machine not only alleviates your construction pressure, but also saves costs.

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