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GYSS1631B/J Chip Spreader

 GYSS1631B/J Chip Spreader

On the basis of foreign advanced technologies and many construction practices, Gaoyuan upgraded its chip spreader, and developed GYSS1631B/J chip spreader, whose performances all catch up and surpass similar foreign products. Combined with our LS1362 asphalt distributor, it becomes the ideal chip sealing machine. The equipment is a high-tech product –integration for electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical transmission.

GYSS1631B/J chip spreader has been applied in Hexu expressway, Hean expressway, Pudong outer ring road in Shanghai, Qingping expressway, Huihang expressway, belt freeway in Xian and other projects. It is reliable in operation, easy in adjusting, and even in distribution, so it wins a good reputation in the construction units and supervision department.

Technical parameters
Product model: GYSS1631B/J
Distribution width: 3100mm
The number of storage hopper doors: 16
Chip size: 3-30mm
Distribution amount: 0.5m³-50m³/k㎡
Dimension: 1900×2500×2100mm (length ×width ×height)

1. The machine has 16 charging doors, and they could be controlled separately. The distribution width could also be adjusted flexibly.
2. Lifting of the storage hopper could be controlled by driving cab or control console, even they are in different places.
3. The machine has a sophisticated lighting system, which provides convenience for nighttime construction.
4. A limit alarm for the lifting of storage hopper is installed in the machine to strengthen the security of the construction.
5. Quick connecting structure is used in connecting the main vehicle and its electricity supply system, which provides convenience for disassembly.
6. Fine adjust device is installed to adjust single storage hopper door separately, which effectively adjusts the distribution uniformity, and successfully solves the non-uniform distribution of traditional chip spreaders.
7. The specially slid-proof roller design is adopted in the machine. The design effectively solves the sliding of the aggregates, which leads to the failure of discharging in practical operation.
8. The tilt angles for separation board and discharging board could be adjusted, and they could be used to distribute chips from3-30mm.
9. The machine's fixing is simple and frim, and could be easily disassembled. Moisture and debris filter is installed to guarantee the reliability of the system.
10. All the components are of high quality, and they ensure a stable and reliable gas circuit operation.
Appendix: the chassis's type could be chosen by customer, but the chassis of Dongfeng EQ3208G is recommended.

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