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GYSJ0250 Aggregate Screening Machine

 GYSJ0250 Aggregate Screening Machine

GYSJ0250 aggregate screening machine is designed and developed independently by Gaoyuan. It is a corollary equipment used for micro surface construction. It has a high production volume, and could be used in simultaneous operation for micro-surfacing pavers. The mineral aggregate proportioning equipment is adopted in the screening machine, and the proportion is controlled by frequency control and mechanical material limitation. Meanwhile, the shielding machine could be used to shield oversized stones from aggregates. These designs are adopted to guarantee a high construction quality. (Patent number: ZL200520078496.0)

Technical parameters
Product model: GYSB0530
Particle size: ≤24mm
Processing capability: 15-35t/h
Voltage: 380v
Frequency: 50Hz
Total power: 13kw
Weight: 6t
Dimension: 6300×1800×2800mm (L×W×H)

1. GYSJ0250 aggregate screening machine is small sized and covers a small floor area. Therefore, it is convenient for transportation and the transfer between different construction sites. And it well fits to small-space construction.
2. The machine has a high production volume, and small power consumption. The human input is relatively small and the operation is quite easy. Therefore, it is well fitted to field construction.
3. Variable speed device could be used to control the material proportion, and it also possesses an automatic truck loading system.
4. After times of practices and technical improvements, the machine has a good operating performance and reliable safety performance.
5. Compared with traditional screening machines, the machine is highly cost effective. Therefore, it is the ideal corollary equipment for micro surfacing, pavement rutting repair, seal coating for slurry seal, and other projects.

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