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GYXL3515 Rubber Modified Bitumen Production Equipment

  •  GYXL3515 Rubber Modified Bitumen Production Equipment
  •  GYXL3515 Rubber Modified Bitumen Production Equipment

GYXL3515 rubber modified bitumen production equipment is the latest rubber modified bitumen production equipment produced by Gaoyuan.

In China, rubber powder production technology is quite mature, and the application of rubber asphalt in highway engineering has been identified. It possesses a good pavement performance, and could be used in noise reduction. Therefore, it effectively solves the social and environmental problems caused by waste tires. For pavement maintenance, it can also save investment.

The adoption of this equipment is one of the most effective ways to solve heavy-duty traffic and early damage for current pavement problems. It can also provide road users a high-quality environmental friendly pavement, which is durable, smooth, comfortable and of quiet environment. The equipment also has a good application prospect.

The matching ratio is controlled by computer, which is convenient, accurate, and could be operated automatically or manually. It also enjoys a reliable operation.
The device can achieve rapid, stable, continuous and efficient production, and has a favorable effect on rubber asphalt production. The rubber asphalt produced by the equipment possesses many advantages, such as high temperature stability, low temperature flexibility, ageing resistance, fatigue resistance and water resistance and so on. Therefore, the equipment can meet various construction requirements. It has been widely used in pavement construction.

Technical parameters
Product model: GYXL3515
Premix tank volume: 700L
Reaction kettle volume: 2x15m³
Hot oil boiler power: 120x10⁴kCal/h
Production volume: 10-15t/h
Screw conveyor conveying capability: 0~6t/h (rubber powder)
Matrix asphalt heating method: heat transfer oil
Burner calorific volume: 2x20x10⁴kcal/h
Reaction kettle heating method: heat transfer oil and imported auto-ignition diesel burner (double methods)
Burner calorific volume: 20x10⁴kCal/h
Heat oil boiler: 6000x2500x2800mm (L×W×H)
Pre-mix system: 7200x2500x3000mm (L×W×H)
Reaction kettle: 10700x2500x2800mm (L×W×H)
Control cabinet: 3000x2500x2600mm (L×W×H)

1. The ratio between rubber power and asphalt could be set according to user's requirements.
2. Production amount in each period could be set freely (within the maximum productivity).
3. Weighing system is quite accurate, and the accuracy is under 2%.
4. The equipment has a fast heating and a good insulation property, which provide convenience for the rubber powder's modifying.
5. The equipment has a high mixing efficiency, which does good to the mixing and storage for rubber power's modifying.
6. A powerful homogenizer is installed in the tank to avoid the segregation, precipitation, and equilibrium swelling.
7. Heat transfer oil is adopted in the heating system, which enables a safe and fast heating. The heating efficiency is quite high, which arrives to 10-15℃/ h. Meanwhile, the pre-heating time is quite short, thus the auxiliary time for production is lessoned.
8. The truck possesses a good insulating layer, which enables a static thermal insulation no more than 12℃ within 8 hours.
9. Corrosion resistant plate is used in its external packing, which is corrosion resistant and durable.
10. Frame structure is adopted in the overall design, which provides convenience for removal and rapid assembly.

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