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GYRY10B Bitumen Emulsion Equipment

  •  GYRY10B Bitumen Emulsion Equipment
  •  GYRY10B Bitumen Emulsion Equipment

Since the production of the first generation of bitumen emulsion plant in 1997, Gaoyuan has developed the eighth generation products (related products have won three national patents). RY10B bitumen emulsion plant is the latest generation of bitumen emulsion equipment for our company, which is simple in structure, convenient in operation and humanized in design. The range of asphalt content in emulsified asphalt is wide, and the quality is stable. It can effectively meet the requirements of various construction technologies. Therefore, it has been widely used in highway construction and highway maintenance.

Technical parameters
Model: RY10B
Maximum capacitance: 60kW
Emulsifying machine power: 30/22kW
Emulsifying machine revolving speed: 2930r/min
Heat transfer oil heating power: 9kW
Heat exchanging area for heat exchanger: 27㎡
Emulsified asphalt fineness: <5μm
Production capability: 10t/h
Weight: 6t
Burner power: 20×10⁴kcal/h
Dimension: 6500×2300×2700mm (L×W×H)

1. Automatic control system, automatic water supply system from double water storage tanks, and alternating drainage system are adopted in the bitumen emulsion equipment. Water flow and emulsified asphalt flow could be automatically controlled and detected. Meanwhile, the flow ratio is controlled by electric valve. These designs not only guarantee continuous production, but also save manpower and reduce labor intensity.
2. The key component of emulsified asphalt production is emulsifying machine (colloid mill). It is designed and developed by our company. We adopt a special distance adjustment structure for stator and rotor, which could keep a marginal distance between them. The special processed stators and rotors are of good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, which enable a good emulsified effect and stability.
3. Gaoyuan is the first company which installs the efficient heat exchanger to bitumen emulsion equipment. The finished emulsified asphalts are cooled to normal temperature with heat exchanger, which increases its storage stability and provides possibility for large-area micro-surfacing construction. Besides that, the heated cooling water could be used in the emulsified asphalt production, which saves the water heating fees, reduces the cost of emulsified asphalt production, and is environmental friendly and energy–saving.
4. The equipment is controlled by PLC (programmable logic controller). The signal acquisition is delivered by electromagnetic flowmeter. The asphalt pump’s revolution speed is controlled by variable speed motor. The liquid flow is adjusted by electric control valve (brake valve). Meanwhile, the indexes are dual displayed in electromagnetic flowmeter and scale flowmeter, which could accurately control the asphalt content (oil-water radio) in emulsified asphalt.
5. Heat transfer oil is heated individually, and could be automatic temperature controlled. It is mainly used in pre-heating for various pumps before the production. Compared with blast burner used in the past, the design is quite convenient and efficient.
6. There is no need to install an outer interface to link the heat transfer oil, because the equipment is equipped with a water heating device. Efficient heating system is equipped in the water storage tank to deliver in-time detection and control towards the temperature. In this way, the required water could be supplied efficiently. Meanwhile, all the components that have a direct contact with the emulsion are made from high-quality stainless steel. They possess good performance in corrosion resistance, so that they could be used to produce various emulsified asphalts.

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