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Road Treatment Equipment

    1. HGY5130TYH Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Truck
      HGY5130TYH asphalt pavement maintenance truck, also named as asphalt patch truck, is mainly used to treat pot hole, block cracking, upheaval, patching, edge cracking, raveling, bleeding, corrugation and shoving, rutting, and other pavement distresses.
    1. HGY5185TCX Snow Plow Truck
      Product name: intelligent snow plow truck
      Product model: HGY5185TCX
      Emission standard: China V
      Chassis engine power: 162kW
    1. GYQS1500D Street Sweeper
      Product model: GQS1500D
      Machine power: 30kw/2000rpm
      Brushing width: 1500mm
      Brush diameter: 480mm

Gaoyuan company is a specialized road treatment equipment manufacturer, mainly focus on manufacturing road equipment for asphalt production, asphalt paving, asphalt pavement treatment and inspection. Gaoyuan is a reliable road maintenance equipment maker, is offering road paving, road resurfacing, road cleaning, road crack sealing and road ice removal machines based on customer needs.