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GYGF380T Road Crack Sealing Equipment

 GYGF380T Road Crack Sealing Equipment

GYGF380T road crack sealing equipment is designed and developed by Gaoyuan. It features a stable quality, and it could be used in crack sealing with various materials. The major job for the equipment is sealing the cracks in the pavement to prevent water from getting down into the asphalt foundation and causing potholes and depressions. In this way, the service quality could be improved and the pavement serving life has been prolonged. Meanwhile, sealing crack also postpones the pavement overhaul period, which is quite expensive.

Technical parameters
Air compressor: 0.6m³/min
Burner: 10×10⁴kcal/h
Blender: 0.75kW
Discharging pump: 1.5kW
Heating bin volume: 380L
Hose length for the spray gun: 5.5m
Volume for heat transfer oil: 200L

1. Burner in the crack sealing equipment is imported, and it is full-automatic controlled, which enables a safe and reliable operation. It also possesses a good fuel atomization performance. Therefore, it consumes low fuels and has a low noise. The fuel and gas are under rational utilization, which guarantees stable combustion, high combustion efficiency, and less environmental pollution.
2. The discharging amount is adjusted by a variable-frequency drive. The material supply pump is not used in discharging process, which reduces the abrasion towards the material supply pump, and prolongs its serving life. Meanwhile, counter-current extraction technology is adopted to solve the pavement pollution caused by the drippings.
3. Discharging pipe is manufactured with electrical heated hose, which is light, easy operated. And it also solves the discharging pipe blocking problem.
4. GYGF380T road crack sealing equipment is equipped with an air compressor, which possesses the blowing system, sweeping system and the heating system. It also has many features, such as energy conservation, low noise, and long serving life.
5. Indirect heating by heat transfer oil is adopted to material storage tank. Vertical shaft mixer is used in the equipment, which ensures an even temperature and avoids the local scorching and aging for the materials. Full-automatic temperature control system is also installed in the equipment. And all the indexes are displayed in digital form. Therefore, the equipment possesses a stable and accurate control system.

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