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GYQS1500D Street Sweeper

 GYQS1500D Street Sweeper

GYQS1500D street sweeper is mainly used for cleaning the laitance, lumpy soil and other stuffs in the pavement or bridge surface. It is used in the surface treatment for diverse tack coats to make a tighter interlayer bonding and to effectively increase the construction quality. If the weeper brush is changed to one of nylon material, the sweeper could be used in pavement daily cleaning.

Technical parameters
Product model: GQS1500D
Machine power: 30kw/2000rpm
Brushing width: 1500mm
Brush diameter: 480mm
Brush revolving speed: 300rpm
Brush holder tilt angle: ±15°
Blower machine revolving speed: 2000rpm
Traveling speed: 0-15km/h
Total weight: 1750kg
Dimension: 4550×1800×2350mm (length × width× height)

1. GYQS1500D street sweeper is self-propelled, and of a right three-wheeled structure. It adopts mechanics-electronics-hydraulics integration, and enjoys a novel structure and a simple, light and flexible operation.
2. Key components in hydraulic system are of foreign leading brands. They are all driven by hydraulic system and continuously variable transmission could be achieved during both cleaning and driving.
3. Hydraulic swing mechanism could be adjusted arbitrarily during the sweeping, and the swinging angle is ±15° from side to side. Meanwhile, the wastes could be thrown out in a fixed direction.
4. Hydraulic lifting mechanism and regulating mechanism could be used to limit the lifting height of the brush holder and to freely adjust the sweeping strength when the weeper is operating.
5. Hydraulic steering gear is adopted to provide a flexible and convenient operation.
6. Pre-filtering device is equipped highly in the air filtration system of the engine. Meanwhile, the air filter is a wet-dry composed filter designed for desert. The two-step filtration greatly prolongs the engine's serving life.
7. In order to effectively clean the pavement and the bridge surface, special technology is adopted in manufacturing the steel brush. The sweeper has a high degree of mechanization and enables a high-quality sweeping service.
8. The blower system can generate powerful blowing, which can blow the debris and dust to a fixed direction. It improves the cleanliness of street sweeping and efficiently improves the working efficiency. It also provides a reliable guarantee for next construction process (especially for construction process which has high requirement towards cohesiveness).
9. The powerful blowing greatly improves the working condition for the operators, and saves them from working in harsh working environment for a long time.
10. Self-resettable fuse and fault indicating lamp are adopted in electric control. These designs make the faults clearly for operators and save much effort to change the fuse.

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