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HGY5150TYH Road Maintenance Truck

 HGY5150TYH Road Maintenance Truck

GYZGJ0110A multifunctional tool truck (notice model: HGY5150TYH) is a multifunctional road maintenance truck independently developed by Gaoyuan. It is a multi-purpose mobile platform, which can be applied to various workings.
The chassis is specially designed (It is equipped with Hydraulic low-speed power transmission box, which is patented by Gaoyuan, and the patent number is ZL200810232087.X).

The truck uses a single engine and all hydraulic power take off (PTO). All the operations are powered by the engine, and it ensures a proper functioning under various working conditions. Hydraulic power system also provides the basic power for various construction machines.

HGY5150TYH road maintenance truck fully realizes the integrated design of electromechanical/hydraulic and gas. The truck is composed of the chassis for tractor in line with China 4 emission standard, truck crane, dump bodies, generator system, compressed air control system, connecting device and power source output for front extended task, rear power source output, lateral power source output, LED panel (optional), lighting device for nighttime operation, rear traction, hydraulic power system, electric system and so on. The truck has a tight structure, which ensures an easy operation and a convenient construction.

The truck is equipped with integrated static and hydraulic power system. They all have electric, liquid and gas fast interfaces. Therefore, they possess good quick reaction capability and operating performance. Therefore, it is an advanced product in China, and its patent number is ZL200920032787.4.

According to different needs of construction, various pavement maintenance works could be achieved with functional modules installed in the truck. It could be used in some emergency rescue site to provide lighting, power supply for small-sized tools, transportation service for middle-sized rescue equipment, clearing small-sized obstacles and other services.

Technical parameters
Product model: HGY5150TYH
Chassis model: CA1167PK2BE4A80
Total weight: 15800Kg
Maximum traveling rate: 90Km/h
Emission standard: GB3847-1999,GB17691-2005, China Ⅳ
Maximum weight for truck crane: 3200Kg
Maximum tractive force for rear part: 5000Kg
Lamplight covering radius: 35-50M
Boundary dimension for dump bodies: 3850×2370×550mm
Maximum self-discharging weight: 6000Kg
Dump bodies carrying capacity: 5000Kg
Maximum pressure for compressed air: 1.25MPa
Maximum nominal flow rate for compressed air: 0.6m³/min.
Ultra-low speed traveling rate: 0.5~1.5(controlled by continuously variable transmission)Km/h
Maximum outputting power for lateral and rear power:
Three-phase electric power-7.5/380
Single-phase electric power: 2/220 kW /V
Maximum hydraulic power output in the rear part: 15kW
Maximum hydraulic power output in the lateral and rear part: 20kW
Dimension: 8100×2470×3080mm (L×W×H)

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