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HGY5185TCX Snow Plow Truck

 HGY5185TCX Snow Plow Truck

Product description
HGY5185TCX snow plow truck is the latest snow removal machine produced by Gaoyuan. Making use of its accumulated production technologies, and the verified theories delivered by famous experts at home and abroad, Gaoyuan finally invented the innovative product-HGY5185TCX snow plow truck. The production process is fully under the surveillance of national engineering laboratory for pavement maintenance equipment manufacturing.

The machine is a great breakthrough in snow removal equipment. Because of that, Gaoyuan obtained its indigenous intellectual property and possesses many patents for it. It is the first time for domestic snow removal equipment to combine snow shoveling, icebreaking, snow scraping, and snow brushing together. It is also the first time to combine man and machine perfectly to achieve the one-stop service. Many advanced technologies are adopted in the machine, such as intelligent module, monitoring system, vehicle diagnostic system (VDS), hydraulic drive system and electronic system.

The machine could not only be used to meet daily need for snow removal, but also for emergency rescue for snow disasters. It could be widely used in snow removal project for various pavements, such as airport roadway, square road, urban road, high-grade highways, ordinary highway, scenic area road, mine haul road and so on.

Technical parameters
Product name: intelligent snow plow truck
Product model: HGY5185TCX
Emission standard: China V
Chassis engine power: 162kW
Auxiliary engine power: 170kW
Chassis model: FAW Jiefang/ CA5185PK2BE5A80
Axle number: 2
Wheelbase: 4800mm
Snow pusher length: 3000mm
Automatic obstacle avoidance height of snow pusher: 150 mm
Icebreaking roller length: 2500 mm
Breakable compacted snow thickness for icebreaking roller: 200 mm
Centered snow shovel length: 2700 mm
Centered snow shovel height: 500 mm
Automatic obstacle avoidance height of centered snow shovel: 70 mm
Rear high-speed snow brusher length: 3000 mm
Rear high-speed snow brusher diameter: 650 mm
Rear high-speed snow brusher length: 232 mm
Rear high-speed snow brusher rotational speed: ≥300r
Snow plow traveling speed: 10 - 40 km/h
Hydraulic controlled deflection angle for snow shovel and snow brusher:
Total weight: 185000kg
Dimension: 10980×3300×2930m (L×W×H)

1. Intelligent snow removal:

The driving cab of HGY5185TCX snow plow truck is equipped with central control panel, humanized intelligent module and real-time monitoring system. Therefore, the operator could set corresponding snow removal indexes according to the snow conditions. The operator only needs to press one button to set the status (on or off) of the machine. Displacement sensor and pressure sensor are used to accurately control the downward distance and pushing power of the icebreaking device. These two sensors are of high sensitivity and high automation, which ensure a high working efficiency and a convenient and easy operation.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection:
Salt spreading is not needed for HGY5185TCX snow plow truck. It could complete snow shoveling, icebreaking, snow scraping, and snow brushing, which reduce the labor cost and snow removal equipment investments. Abandoning the de-icing chemicals, HGY5185TCX snow plow truck becomes the initiate of eco-friendly snow plow. Thus adopting this machine is also protecting the earth's resources.

3. Reliable operation:
Auxiliary engine is equipped in the HGY5185TCX snow plow truck, which provides the truck a stable power supply system.
Sensors, relays, hydraulic pumps, electric control system and other components are of famous brands at home and abroad, which ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
The instructions for control system are quite complete and detailed, and the operator could know how to operate the machine and diagnose the faults easily according to the manual instructions for the touch screen. The system is protected by one program, which could withdraw all the snow removal devices in misoperation. Snow shovels, ice breaking roller, ice scrapers and rotary broom are all equipped with automatic protective device, thus they could achieve automatic obstacle avoidance.

4. Security guarantee:
An alarm light is installed in the top part of driving cab, and LED panel is installed on the rear part. Meanwhile, a rearview camera surveillance and two-way arrow light are also equipped in the truck. These devices add the security for the operating snow plow. And the whole truck is insulated, which protects the personnel in driving cab if they accidently touch the power supply.

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