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HGY5122TYH Road Maintenance Truck

 HGY5122TYH Road Maintenance Truck

HGY5122TYH road maintenance truck could be used to carry the raw materials and auxiliary machines and tools. Various materials within their warranty period stored separately in the van are available at any time. The whole process of mixing and shaping could be carried out in the truck under normal temperature.

Vehicle-mounted material delivery system is accurately controlled by computer. After imputing the physical dimension of the pit hole and its loose paving coefficient, we could get the exact dosage of needed mixing materials.

MOH (multiplex organic hydraulicity materials) could be compacted and shaped with light-duty vibratory plate compactor. And the secondary structure of the materials could be generated rapidly. In this way, the technical indexes of MOH patching effect such as compactness, deformation resistance and durability are better than those of hot mix asphalt.

The truck is also a mobile hydraulic power unit, which could be equipped with multifunctional maintenance machines. These machines could be used to cutting, drilling, compacting, weeding, insect killing, traffic line marking, snow removing and so on. These functions could be randomly configured according to customers' requirements.

HGY5122TYH road maintenance truck is a new patented product, which is produced to promote the upgrading of Gaoyuan's pavement patching technology. It fully realizes the integration of electromechanical/hydraulic and gas.

The working area of the truck is powered by the main engine. And the body part is equipped with a hydraulic driven system and controlled by an industrial microcomputer.
The containerization, automation, operating reliability, and its appearance of HGY5122TYH road maintenance truck all reach an advanced level in the world.
Due to its advancement, economical efficiency and the excellent performance in construction, HGY5122TYH road maintenance truck has become the universal equipment for pavement maintenance service providers.

Technical parameters
Product model: HGY5122TYH
Chassis model: ZZ1121G471GE1
Emission standard: China V
Aggregate bin volume: 5m³
Emulsion storage tank volume: 1.2m³
Water storage tank: 1.2m³
Cement dump volume: 0.5m³
Maximum discharging amount of the mixing machine: 1200kg/min
Dimension: 8280×2400×2970mm (L×W×H)

1. HGY5122TYH road maintenance truck is widely used to provide various emergency repair services, so that the small area of repair operations for pit holes can be repaired in time. In this way, further damage of water to the road surface will be prevented;
2. The truck well fits to emergency repair during spring, winter (after raining) and other unfavorable seasons for construction, thus providing an emergency treatment towards sudden emergence for pit holes.
3. It takes quite short time to patch the pit holes. The pit holes will be compacted tightly right after being filled up. The construction could be carried out at normal temperature, low temperature, and moist condition. And its operation is barely affected by the temperatures and the climates, therefore its working time is widely extended.
4. The construction is quite fast and the machines are quite intelligent. Only three people (including the driver) are needed to finish all the operations of the truck. Therefore, it possesses a fast operation, a high working efficiency, and low cost. Meanwhile, after the completion of the construction, traffic can be opened to ensure smooth traffic.
5. There is no need to be heated, which remarkably reduces the construction cost, and improves the working condition of workers. Meanwhile, it is also energy efficient and environmental friendly.
6. HGY5122TYH road maintenance truck has a wide application. It could not only be used to patch asphalt pavements, but also provides corrective maintenance for various pavements, such as cement concrete pavement.
7. Proportional feed system is adopted to achieve continuous material conveyance.
8. The truck is equipped with hydraulic power connector, which is used to connect various machines according to customers' requirements.
9. Hydraulic breaker, hand operated single-cylinder road roller and other machines are available to install in the truck.
10. HGY5122TYH road maintenance truck has high-pressure cleaning, lighting and other auxiliary functions.
11. The truck could satisfy the self-propelling, traction and consigning requirements.
12. Double shaft agitator is equipped with specially designed abrasion resistant mixing blades, whose changing is convenient and fast.
13. The truck adopts full-power PTO (power take off), and various systems are separately controlled. These ensure a stable and reliable dynamic performance.

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