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HGY5130TYH Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Truck

  •  HGY5130TYH Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Truck
  •  HGY5130TYH Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Truck

HGY5130TYH asphalt pavement maintenance truck, also named as asphalt patch truck, is mainly used to treat pot hole, block cracking, upheaval, patching, edge cracking, raveling, bleeding, corrugation and shoving, rutting, and other pavement distresses. The treatment helps to increase the pavement smoothness and riding comfort.

The equipment could recycle the asphalt pavement waste materials, cold mix asphalt, millings and other used materials. It could also mix the asphalts and aggregates (new materials) together to produce bituminous concrete.
The biggest advantage of the truck is that it saves precious pavement materials, thus to achieve the resource recycling, environmental protection, and low-carbon. It also eliminates the environmental pollution from asphalt waste materials, and reduces the old materisals' transportation costs.

The product is advanced in technology and novel in structure, and fully conforms to the policy requirements of China's low carbon economy, circular economy and energy saving and emission reduction.
Pot hole patching technology used in the equipment is an innovation for pavement maintenance field. And the technology is widely used in patching various asphalt pavements, such as expressways, municipal roads, national and provincial main roads, bridges, plants and so on.

Technical parameters
Product model: HGY5130TYH
Emission standard: China V
Total weight: 13495kg
Storage hopper volume: 80L
Asphalt tank volume: 750L
Mixer kettle volume: 850kg
Discharging temperature: 120-160℃
Asphalt hot box burner power: 100x10kcal/h
Mixer kettle burner power: 200x10kcal/h
Single mixing duration: 12-20min (changing according to outer temperature, mixture weight, and the grain size of materials)
Production capability: 3-5 t/h
Dimension: 8100×2480×3125mm (L×W×H)

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