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KC300 Asphalt Pavement Slotting Machine

 KC300 Asphalt Pavement Slotting Machine

Combined with road crack sealing equipment, KC300 asphalt pavement slotting machine could be used to broaden and clean the cracks in concrete pavement or asphalt pavement, thus to satisfy the pavement repair requirements towards cracks.

Technical parameters
Product model: KC300A
Total weight: 248kg
Engine power: 18.6kw
Fuel capacity: 22L
Blades number: 6
Slotting width: 12.5-50mm
Slotting depth: 0-30mm
Dimension: 950×800×1500mm (L×W×H)

1. The asphalt pavement slotting machine adopts the 25 hp gasoline engine from American Kohler, and triple protection air filter. They could be well fitted to harsh environment, and these designs also prolong the serving life of engine.
2. Patented technology is used in the machine. Meanwhile, imported electronic screw Jack reducer series which will be automatically disconnected in overloading is also adopted in the equipment. These designs ensure a reliable operating and stable performance.
3. Cutting blades could be recombined to adjust the slotting width of the machine.
4. Cutting depth could be adjusted freely within 0-40mm.
4. Special technology manufactured cutting blades are of high-quality materials and innovative structure. And it possesses a long serving life.
6. New and old blades could be used at same time, which increases their efficiency.
7. A special crack detector is used to guarantee that the blades could operate according to irregular cracks.

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