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GYSPW2080 Road Shot Blasting Machine

  •  GYSPW2080 Road Shot Blasting Machine
  •  GYSPW2080 Road Shot Blasting Machine

GYSPW2080 road shot blasting machine is a high-tech product designed according to aerodynamic principles. The steel shot is thrown at a very high speed to the surface of roads or bridges to remove the laitance, oil stains, old coatings and etc. In this way, a rough surface is emerged to satisfy the construction requirement. Steel shots will be automatically recycled in the equipment, while the dusts and other debris will be sucked in a special dust remover. The whole operating process is dust-free, pollution-free and environmental friendly. Meanwhile, it increases the working efficiency, and barely causes damages to pavement.

Technical parameter
Product model: GYSPW2080
Shot number: 2
Cleaning width: 800mm
Traveling speed: 0.5-17m/min
Cleaning efficiency: about 400m²/h
Steel shot diameter: S390, S460, and so on. (Proposed range)
Working environment condition:
Temperature: dew point +3 ºC
Relative humility: no more than 85% of dew point
Installed capability: 39.1kW
Dimension: main engine: 2420×1100×1230mm (L×W×H)
Dust remover: 1800×1000×1700mm (L×W×H)
Shot collector: 1100×660×1100mm (L×W×H)

1. Both the preparation and operation are easy. The cleaning and evacuation could be carried out at any time.
2. The construction could be carried out even in winter.
3. Cleaning speed and cleaning depth could be set according to the conditions of the pavement.
4. The sweeping width is large and the efficiency is quite high.
5. The construction process is dust-free and pollution-free, which is good for environmental protection and the operators' health.
6. There is barely damage to the pavement structure in the construction.
7. Pulse-aided back- flushing dust collector enables a continuous working.
8. Steel shot is automatically recycled in the equipment, which provides a low consumption.
9. The shot blasting machine is of reasonable structure, which enables a fast disassembly and convenient repair and part changing.
10. Shot blasting machine has a special structure, and its materials are of good ductility, impact toughness, abrasion resistance. Meanwhile, its abrasion resistant layer could be regenerated during the operation.
11. Advanced electric appliance control technologies are adopted in the equipment, such as frequency control, PLC (programmable logic controller), phase-sequence protection and text display. They could ensure the accurate operating of various functions.

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