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HGY5311TFCST Slurry Seal / Micro Surfacing Machine

 HGY5311TFCST Slurry Seal / Micro Surfacing Machine

HGY5311TFCST slurry seal / micro surfacing machine is a thin maintenance treatment used to create a new wearing surface for pavement. It is widely used in diverse construction technologies, such as ordinary slurry seal, modified slurry seal, micro-surfacing, fiber enhanced slurry seal and fiber enhanced slurry surfacing, and so on. The adoption of HGY5312TFCSF slurry seal machine is mainly used to deal with the following pavement defects, such as the loss of frictional property, alligator cracking, rutting, and so on.
With the machine, pavement skid and water resistance, road evenness and riding comfort are greatly improved.

Technical parameters
Product name: slurry seal / micro surfacing machine
Product model: HGY5311TFS
Emission standard: China V
Fiber storage tank volume: 0.2m³
Fiber storage tank addictive amount: ≤3.5kg/min
Discharging amount of mixing machine: ≤3.5t/min
The width of drag box: 2.5-4.3m
Aggregate bin volume: 12m³
Emulsion storage tank volume: 4m³
Water storage tank volume: 4m³
Additive storage tank volume: 400L
Stuffing box volume: 2×0.4m³
Minimum traveling rate: 1km/h
Total weight: 31000kg
Dimension: 11820×2496×3490mm (L×W×H)

1. New artificial intelligence technology is adopted in the control system, which could automatically perceive the environmental and material condition, and deliver an automatically adjustment towards the operation parameters. It also has the functions of manual manipulation, experiential learning, parameter memory, and so on. Manual integrated control system is also adopted to achieve a double guarantee towards the operation.
2. Upgraded auxiliary engine system and sets of independent hydraulic power systems provide strong, continuous and stable power for machine systems.
3. Innovative-structured mixing equipment uses high-strength and high abrasion-resistant mixing blades, which is strong-powered and provides a good slurry effect. Therefore, it could well fit the ramp construction.
4. Distinct aggregate bin has a novel structure, a large capacity and a smooth and continuous discharging.
5. Patented fiber distribution system is small-sized, and could achieve accurate measurement and uniform fiber shearing.
6. Dragging system is installed with dual-slice spiral propeller and automatic telescopic structure.
It is used to distribute materials and carry out secondary material mixing, which could effectively avoid material separating.
The automatic telescopic structure is adopted to satisfy construction requirements for different pavements. Meanwhile, its camber angle could also be adjusted to meet different construction needs.

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