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HGY5319TFC Slurry Seal / Micro Surfacing Machine

 HGY5319TFC Slurry Seal / Micro Surfacing Machine

HGY5319TFC slurry seal machine is used in thin maintenance treatment for creating a new wearing surface for pavement. It is widely used in diverse construction technologies, such as ordinary slurry seal, modified slurry seal, micro-surfacing, fiber enhanced slurry seal and fiber enhanced slurry surfacing, and so on. The adoption of HGY5312TFCSF slurry seal machine is mainly used to deal with the following pavement defects, such as the loss of frictional property, alligator cracking, rutting, and so on.

With the machine, pavement skid and water resistance, road evenness and riding comfort are greatly improved.

The machine is a new type of road maintenance equipment developed by Gaoyuan on the basis of foreign advanced technologies. Gaoyuan possesses its independent intellectual property right. After years of construction experience and continuous optimizations, the product has become the ideal machine for slurry seal and micro surfacing construction.

Technical parameters
Product model: HGY5319TFC
Emission standard: China V
Chassis model: CNHTC/ ZZ1317M3667E1
Chassis engine power: 228kW/310hp
Auxiliary engine power: 119kW/160hp
Aggregate bin volume: 12m³
Emulsion storage tank volume: 4m³
Water storage tank volume: 4m³
Additive storage tank volume: 400L
Stuffing box volume: 2×0.5m³
The width of drag box: 2.5-4.3m
Discharging amount of mixing machine: ≤3.5t/min
Dragging thickness: 3-15mm
Total Weight: 31000kg
Dimension: 11690×2500×3500mm (L×W×H)

1. The slurry seal machine uses a customized chassis, which features low fuel consumption, low emission, strong power, and provides comfortable and convenient riding and driving experience.
Meanwhile, the machine is also equipped with 2-speed reduction gearbox. The design ensures a fast running in fast mode and a stable construction when changed to a slow mode.
2. The auxiliary equipment is equipped with a large-power engine, which provides the equipment a strong power and excellent performance. Six separate sets of hydraulic power supply are introduced in the systems. These powers are stable and non-interfering with each other.
We also introduced some imported components, which enjoy stable and reliable operation.
3. Centralized control system is designed to the machine. And all the instructions could be delivered in the rear platform. Meanwhile, each button controls the starting and stopping of one component, which provides much convenience for the construction.
4. Distinct aggregate tin has a novel structure, a large capacity and a smooth and continuous discharging.
5. An accurate material missing warning device is equipped to guarantee the timely supplement and good construction quality.
6. Advanced mixing equipment is adopted in the machine. It is strong-powered and provides a good slurry effect.
With hard alloy particles as its raw materials, mixing blades are manufactured with weld overlay technique, which ensures its durability and abrasion resistance.
The discharging angle could be adjusted vertically to well fit the ramp construction.
7. Patented drag box is installed with dual-slice spiral propeller and automatic telescopic structure.
Dual-slice spiral propeller is used to distribute materials and carry out secondary material mixing, which could effectively avoid material separating.
The automatic telescopic structure is adopted to satisfy construction requirements for different pavements.
8. High-pressure cleaning device and distribution and water supply device provide much convenience for the cleaning and maintenance for the machine and for the adoption of special construction technology.

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