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GYXKT0812 Chip Seal Spreader

  •  GYXKT0812 Chip Seal Spreader
  •  GYXKT0812 Chip Seal Spreader

Product description
Chip seal spreader is widely used in chip sealing for highway surface, bridge waterproof layer, and under-sealed layer. With the spreader, the spraying of the asphalt binder and the spreading of the aggregate and fiber are carried out simultaneously so that the asphalt binder, fiber, and the aggregate have the most sufficient surface contact to achieve maximum adhesion between them.

Gaoyuan designed and obtained an issued patent for GYXKT0812 chip seal spreader. At the foundation of KT0616B chip seal spreaders, GYXKT0812 chip seal spreader has improved on many aspects.

1. Dual-row distribution structure and fiber distribution structure are added in the spreader.
2. Hydro-mechatronics integration is achieved.
3. These improvements simply the operation procedure, and make the spreader's working performance reach the world advanced level.

Technical parameter
Product model: GYXKT0812
Tractor head: customer self-purchasing or procurement service for customers
Auxiliary engine power: 70kw
Distribution width: 3500mm
Asphalt distribution volume: 0.5-3.0kg/m²
Aggregate size: 3-25mm
Asphalt tank capacity: 8m³
Aggregate bin capacity: 12m³
Heating method: imported diesel burner (calorific value 2× 10× 10⁴kcal/h)
Distribution material: matrix asphalt, modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt
Fiber length: 30mm, 60mm, 120mm
Fiber distribution: 30-90g/m²
Total weight: 50000kg
Dimension: 12150×2500×4000mm (length ×width ×height)

1. The aggregate chip spreading is carried out without lifting the aggregate bin, which saves much effort for culvert, curve and under-bridge construction.
2. The spreader is fully controlled by electricity, and enjoys a high level of automation. Therefore, the amount of asphalt distribution during the construction could be figured out accurately.
3. Dual-spiral feeder is introduced to convey the aggregate chips to the 3500mm storage hopper. Thanks to gravity and friction of the roller, the chips could fall without separation of the material distributor, which ensures the evenness of chip distribution.
4. The adoption of GYXKT0812 chip seal spreader reduces the labor intensity and construction budget, saves human resources and increases the working efficiency and working quality.
5. The spreader enjoys a stable operation, and an even distribution. Meanwhile, the width of asphalt, fiber, and aggregates' distribution could be adjusted freely.
6. The spreader possesses a good insulating layer, which enables a temperature dropping of 12℃ within 8 hours (the air temperature is 15 ℃). And the insulating layer is antiseptic and durable.
7. GYXKT0812 chip seal spreader could be used to distribute diverse asphalt materials. Meanwhile the chip distribution specification ranges from 3-25mm.
8. There is a deployable nozzle holder, whose length could be adjusted. Meanwhile the fiber distributor could swing from side to side.
9. Compared to other chip seal spreaders, GYXKT0812 chip seal spreader is more humanized:
Both remote control and spot operation are available, which brings the driver much more convenience.
10. The spreader has a stable running and an even distribution. It could also start spraying those materials within a fairly short distance (about 0.8m) since it starts running.
11. The spreader has been improved through many times of construction, thus it has a reliable performance and an easy operation and maintenance.

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