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HGY5317TFCST Chip Seal Spreader

 HGY5317TFCST Chip Seal Spreader

HGY5317TFCST chip seal spreader is the sixth generation of "golden armor" glory series. Based on years of road construction and special equipment manufacturing experience, combined with today's high-tech innovative technology, Haoyang produced the sixth generation of “golden armor” glory series- HGY5317TFCST chip seal spreader.

It has many advantages compared with other chip seal spreaders, such as elegant appearance, excellent manufacturing technology, humanized intelligent control, improved functions, extensive applications and so on.

Technical parameter
Product name: chip seal spreader
Product model: HGY5317TFST
Emission standard: China V
Total weight: 31000kg
Dimension: 11950*2500*3870mm (length × width × height)
Distribution materials: matrix asphalt, modified asphalt, cutback asphalt, emulsified asphalt, rubber asphalt

1. HGY5317TFCST chip seal spreader is equipped with high intelligent central control system, which guarantees accurate distribution and control. Meanwhile, all the construction specifications could be adjusted freely.
2. The spreader also possesses both manual operation system and automatic operation system to guarantee the construction operation.
Besides that, all the requirements towards distribution could be handled in the driving cab or the control console.
3. The chip seal spreader also installed with a stable and strong powered auxiliary engine system, and a patented hydraulic load sensing control. These designs provide the spreader a sufficient, stable and continuous power.
4. The new fiber cutting and distributing device provides a more flexible and easy operation and more accurate control.
5. The new asphalt distribution device has been patented by Gaoyuan, which could be used to complete distribution for all kinds of asphalts.
6. New patented asphalt tank is equipped with large-power burner and automatic temperature control system. The tank has a large capacity, a fast temperature rising. And it also saves us much effort to clean it.

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