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GYKT0616A Chip Seal Spreader

  •  GYKT0616A Chip Seal Spreader
  •  GYKT0616A Chip Seal Spreader

Product description
Hydraulic system of KT0616A chip seal spreader is used to simultaneously spread the asphalt binders and the aggregates on the pavement. It is powered by an independent auxiliary engine and automatic controlled by computer program. The cementing materials in the tank are transferred to the nozzle through a pipeline, and then the aggregate is delivered to the distributor with the help of gravity (when the hopper is in a heeling condition).
Patent No. : ZL200520078495.6

Technical parameters
Distribution width: 4000mm
Heating method: imported diesel burner
Discharging specification: S5-S30mm
Unloaded weight: 21.7t
Hopper volume: 16m³
Asphalt tank capacity: 6m³
Asphalt spraying volume: 0.5-3.0kg/㎡
Distribution materials: heated asphalt, emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt, modified asphalt, rubber asphalt

The towing vehicle adopts the chassis especially for CNHTC Steyr ZZ4186S3516C or Beiben ND4187A38J. These two chassises are available now. They have many advantages compared with other chassises, such as strong carrying capacity, low fuel consumption, easy and convenient operation, reliable braking and etc.
1. The adoption of GYKT0616A chip seal spreader reduces the labor intensity and construction budget, saves human resources and increases the working efficiency and working quality.
2. The spreader has a stable running and an even distribution. It could also start spraying those materials within a fairly short distance (about 0.8m) since it starts running. Meanwhile the width of spreading the asphalt and aggregate could be freely controlled.
3. The spreader possesses a good insulating layer, which enables a temperature dropping of 12℃ within 8 hours (the air temperature is 15 ℃). And the insulating layer is antiseptic and durable.
4. All the distributor nozzles are of high machining accuracy, thus the spraying uniformity and the spaying effect are fully guaranteed.
5. Compared to other chip seal spreaders, HGY5318TFC chip seal spreader is more humanized:
Both remote control and spot operation are available, which brings the driver much more convenience.
6. The equipment has been improved through many times of construction, thus it has a reliable performance and an easy operation and maintenance.

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