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HGY5317TFC Chip Seal Spreader

 HGY5317TFC Chip Seal Spreader

Chip seal spreader is widely used in seal coating for highway surface, bridge waterproof layer, and asphalt under-sealed layer.
Gaoyuan developed and obtained an issued patent for HGY5317TFC chip seal spreader. The spreader is a new chip seal spreader improved on the basis of KT0608 and KT0610 chip seal spreaders.

We increase the asphalt tank's capacity to 8m3, the storage hopper's volume to 14m3, and allow 8m3-aggregate to spread without lifting the hopper. The design enables a stable driving, a neutral cost, an even distribution and is well fitted to relatively poor construction environment.

Strong-powered mixing machine is also equipped in the asphalt tank, which effectively avoids the separation and deposition of rubber asphalt, and achieves hydro-mechatronics integration, and simplifies the operation procedure.

Now our HGY5317TFC chip seal spreader has been in line with the advanced level in the world.

Technical parameters
Model: HGY5317TFC
Chassis model: HOWO/ ZZ3317N4667E1
Emission standard: China V
Chassis engine power: 276kW/380hp
Asphalt spraying volume: 0.2-3.0kg/m2
Aggregate distribution volume: 2-22L/m2
Asphalt heating rate: 20℃/h
Optimum construction speed: 3-6km/h
Aggregate size: 3-30mm
Asphalt tank capacity: 8500L
Distribution width: 4200mm
Hopper volume: 14m³
Distribution materials: modified asphalt, heated asphalt, cutback asphalt, emulsified asphalt, rubber asphalt
Total weight: 31000kg
Dimension: 11950×2500×3860mm (length × width× height)

1. We adopt the chassis especially used for vehicles under China 5 emission standard. The chassis has strong carrying capacity, low fuel consumption and easy operation.
2. Gaoyuan obtained the patent for hydraulic servo-system, which possesses a strong power and a stable performance.
3. Intelligent control system is adopted in HGY5317TFC chip seal spreader, which includes exclusive parts, radar speed measurement, and video monitor.
Meanwhile, the spreader also possesses both manual operation system and automatic operation system.
Besides that, all the requirements towards distribution could be handled in the driving cab or the control console, and the operation of the machine could be operated by only one people.
4. An interlayer is available in the asphalt transferring pipe, which is filled with heat conducting oil. It ensures a fast temperature rising and a smooth circulation. It also saves us much effort to clean it.
5. It also adopts high-accuracy distributor nozzle, which helps to realize 3 times' distributions, and the uniformity and homogeneity of asphalt distribution.
6. We adopts imported high-viscosity asphalt pump, which could meet all the distribution requirements.
7. Gaoyuan adopts the distinct aggregate chip spraying system and feeding system, which enables an even, continuous, and stable chip spraying.
8. Each hopper door and distributor nozzle is controlled separately, and they could be flexibly controlled and freely combined.
9. High-definition camera is equipped in the back of the equipment, which allows an operation in the driving cab.
Our asphalt tank also obtained a patent. The tank features large capacity, fast temperature rising and great heat preservation effect.
Strong-powered mixing machine is also installed in the spreader. It effectively increases rubber asphalt's storage stability and its heating efficiency.

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