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HGY5316TFCST Chip Seal Spreader

 HGY5316TFCST Chip Seal Spreader

HGY5316TFCST chip seal spreader is widely used in chip sealing for highway surface, bridge waterproof layer, and under-sealed layer. With the spreader, the spraying of the asphalt binder and the spreading of the aggregate and fiber are carried out simultaneously so that the asphalt binder, fiber, and the aggregate have the most sufficient surface contact to achieve maximum adhesion between them.

Technical parameters
Model: HGY5316TFCST
Chassis model: SXM3000/SX3310MB6
Emission standard: China V
Chassis engine power: 276kw/375hp
Auxiliary engine power: 73.6kw/100hp
Fiber length: 30mm, 60mm, 120mm
Fiber distribution volume: 30-90g/m2
Asphalt heating rate: ≥20℃/h
Distribution width: 3800mm
Asphalt spraying volume: 0.2-3.0kg/m2
Aggregate size: 3-25mm
Asphalt tank capacity: 6000L
Hopper volume: 12m³
Distribution materials: matrix asphalt, modified asphalt, cutback asphalt, emulsified asphalt
Total weight: 31000kg
Dimension: 11980×2500×3810mm (length ×width ×height)

1. A special chassis is adopted in the spreader, which features good load-bearing capacity, low fuel consumption, and stable and simple operation.
2. HGY5316TFCST chip seal spreader is equipped with auxiliary engine, which enjoys strong power and stable performance. The auxiliary engine also allows a heating during the operation, which saves construction time and improves construction efficiency.
3. Hydraulic system adopts an independently patented load sensing system. And its key components are all of imported brands. Therefore, its quality is highly guaranteed.
4. The aggregate chip spreading is carried out without lifting the storage hopper, which saves much effort for culvert, curve and under-bridge construction.
5. The spreader has a stable operation and even spreading. The width and the amount of asphalt binder spaying and aggregate and fiber spreading could be freely adjusted and accurately controlled by control system.
6. Fiber cutting and distributing device has been patented. Adopting the device allows a high working efficiency and an even distribution. Meanwhile, we also adopt the monitoring system for a stable operation.
7. An interlayer is available in the asphalt transferring pipe, which is filled with heat conducting oil. It ensures a fast temperature rising, and a smooth circulation. It also saves us much effort to clean it.
Distinct 2-layer structure and high-accuracy distributor nozzle are also used in asphalt distribution. The design helps to achieve 3 times’ distributions, which ensures the uniformity and homogeneity of asphalt distribution.
8. Double-helix distributing device, together with automatic feeding system, is adopted to achieve an even, continuous and stable aggregate distribution.
9. Outer wall of the asphalt tank is corrosion resistant and durable. And the tank has a good heat preservation capability, with temperature dropping no more than 12℃/8h (under ambient temperature condition). Two imported diesel burners are installed in the tank, which features high combustion efficiency and quick heating. The designs of auto-ignition system and automatic temperature control system guarantee a safe and stable operation.
10. Asphalt pump and thermal-oil pump all use Johnson pump, which has good performance in self-absorption, revs range, sealing property and flow rate.
11. Vehicle-mounted controller is adopted. It has a high level of protection, and a good performance in dust prevention, waterproofing, shockproof, and accurate controlling. Two controlling systems are used in the spreader, including manual and automatic controlling systems. The design fully guarantees the stable and safe operation. All the distributions could be operated in the driving cab or control console. Monitoring system is installed in the driving cab, and from where you could achieve a real-time monitoring towards the construction quality.

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