About Gaoyuan Road Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd

Gaoyuan is an expert road maintenance and construction solution provider since its inception in 2004. As the requirements in highway maintenance market rise, Gaoyuan is well-positioned to deliver premium equipment against the increasingly challenges. We are now providing a complete range of machinery for pavement resurfacing, highway construction, asphalt distribution, and bitumen production. Details

Road Maintenance Equipment
    1. Road Chip Seal Equipment
    2. Vehicle-mounted controller is adopted. It has a high level of protection, and a good performance in dust prevention, waterproofing, shockproof, and accurate controlling. Two controlling systems are used in the spreader, including manual and automatic controlling systems. The design fully guarantees the stable and safe operation.Details
    1. Micro Surfacing Machine
    2. The auxiliary equipment is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins large-power engine, which provides the equipment strong power and excellent performances. Six separate sets of hydraulic power supply are introduced in the systems. These powers are stable and non-interfering with each other.Details
    1. Asphalt Distributor Truck
    2. The asphalt distributor truck adopts hydraulic servo-system, which possesses a strong power and a stable performance. Intelligent control system is adopted in HGY5123GLQasphalt distributor truck to deliver an accurate control towards the distribution amount. It possesses a dedicated controller, which enables automatic detection and operation.Details
    1. Road Treatment Equipment
    2. HGY5130TYH asphalt pavement maintenance truck, also named as asphalt patch truck, is mainly used to treat pot hole, block cracking, upheaval, patching, edge cracking, raveling, bleeding, corrugation and shoving, rutting, and other pavement distresses. The treatment helps to increase the pavement smoothness and riding comfort.Details
    1. Bitumen Production Equipment
    2. Automatic control system, automatic water supply system from double water storage tanks, and alternating drainage system are adopted in the bitumen emulsion equipment. Water flow and emulsified asphalt flow could be automatically controlled and detected. Meanwhile, the flow ratio is controlled by electric valve. Details
    1. Asphalt Recycling Equipment
    2. Gaoyuan is one of the most important pavement maintenance equipment manufacturers in China. Based on the current situation of highway traffic in our country, Gaoyuan takes saving the natural resources and protecting the environment as our own responsibility, and has been made a great deal of research work on the technology of asphalt recycling equipment.Details